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14 | Siliconeer | May 2014 education T his African School was built by Build African Schools, the nonprofit that we are consulting with in our project. The school that we will build will have laptops to better prepare African kids for today's technologically advanced workforce. What is the biggest problem in Af- rica? Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that there are too many problems. Currently, Africans are going through the problems of bad education, poverty, disease, unemployment, and so many more. From a population of one billion Af- ricans, 47% make less than $1.50 a day. That's one Big Mac for a whole African family! This extreme poverty leads to so many other issues that the Africans unfor- tunately must face. However, we believe that by giving the kids an education, we will also solve all the other problems. For example, when a tribe was given malaria nets to kill mosquitoes, they assumed it could also To be successful in today's rapidly advancing world, a proper education has been essential. We live in a world in which the smartest are more fit for survival. As high school kids we believe that we have the obligation to improve the lives of impoverished kids and we believe it starts with education, write Kaushik Ravikumar, Emil Irimpan and Karthik Ravikumar. HIGH SCHOOl STudEnTS TO BuIld SCHOOl In aFRICa TEaCH THE FuTuRE FOundaTIOn Kaushik Ravikumar, Emil Irimpan, and Karthik Ravikumar are 9 th grade high school students at Lynbrook High School, in San Jose, Calif. Outside of school, they enjoy playing sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer. They also do debate and play musical instruments. Living in the Silicon Valley, they have so many opportunities. One day, it occurred to them that many kids across the world don't get the same opportunities they do. They decided that kids in poverty deserve the same educational opportunities, and started TeachTheFuture Foundation. (Above): The school we will build will look like this. It will cost 75,000 dollars and it will include bath- rooms, electricity, running water, and even laptops. PATrIck O' SUllIvAn ▶ See next Page

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